Identifying and fixing potential electrical hazards in your home is essential to creating a safe environment for you and your loved ones. Below are some electrical hazards commonly found in residential properties, and ways to rectify them.


  • Faulty and damaged wiring.

Damaged wiring can sometimes be hard to identify as it is often hidden in the ceiling or below the floor of your home, but poses a real threat to the safety of your family. When purchasing a new home, it is hard to know if any dangerous unlicensed electrical work has been carried out. We suggest an electrical safety inspection be carried out prior to any house purchase. The small cost of an inspection could save you a fortune in the future.


  • Faulty Appliances.

You use many types of electrical appliances every day such as lamps, heaters, cooking appliances, vacuum cleaners, clothes dryers, and much more. But these appliances which help us day to day can become very dangerous if not treated with care and respect. We recommend regularly inspecting cords and plugs to ensure there is no damage. If you find a problem contact a licenced electrician, never attempt to repair them yourself.


  • Overloaded power boards.

Overloaded power boards and double adaptors are a very real problem in houses today, especially in cooler months when people are using power boards to run electric heaters. Always look at the power rating of appliances and decide if they are appropriate to use with a power board or double adapter. Having additional power points installed instead of using power boards can help to avoid electrical fires in your home.


  • Halogen downlights.

Not only are halogen downlights inefficient and costly to run, they are also a leading cause of house fires. They become incredibly hot when being used and if they come into contact with insulation, timber, or debris in the ceiling space a fire is a real possibility. We recommend upgrading any existing halogen downlights to new LED downlight. Not only are they much cheaper to run, they greatly increase your safety but reducing the risk of a fire.


  • Unprotected power outlets and switches.

Children are curious and have been known to play with electrical outlets and switches. This can be deadly if you don’t have the appropriate electrical protection. We recommend installing earth leakage protection (safety switches) to all power and lighting circuits in your home. This will reduce the risk of electrocution if any accidents were to occur. The cost of a switchboard upgrade is insignificant when the safety of you and your family is at stake.